Stone by stone – step by step: News from Dayalbagh Ashram
The inauguration of the Orientation Programme took place on 18th August in Dayalbagh Ashram. The inaugural Eucharist was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Paul Melwyn D’Souza, Vicar Provincial. We are blessed with 11 new candidates and they were officially welcomed with flowers by the Aspirants, with TAU by the Guardian, and with welcoming words by Fr. Paul Melwyn D’Souza, Vicar Provincial. We thank all the Vocation Promoters for their hard work in finding few young candidates for our order. As we congratulate the Staff and the students both of Orientation and Aspirancy, let us all pray for perseverance in the call from God they have received and heeded thus may they love and live in the footprints of St. Francis of Assisi.

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