Guardians’’ Annual Retreat - Day 6
The Sixth day of the Guardians’ annual retreat was the last day of the retreat. The day began with Morning Prayer. Preacher, Fr Bobby, during his talk, spoke about effects of Abba experience, blessings, being grateful and personal integrity. The Eucharist of thanksgiving was celebrated by Fr Bobby Jose, and gave a meaningful homily. After the mass, the preacher was felicitated for animating the retreat for all the Guardians. Guardians after the lunch at 3:00 pm joined for meeting and a gave hearing to the presentation of financial status of the Province made by Fr Vijesh, the Provincial Treasurer and to the presentation of administration made by Fr Maxim, Provincial Administrator. Provincial, then, brought few concerns and deliberated. The friars actively participated in the meeting. With a hymn to mother Mary the meeting was concluded.

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