Friars of Infant Jesus Delegation gathered together from August 21 to 24, 2023 to have the seminar on Ratio Formationis and Regula Bullata 1223, conducted by former Provincial of Holy Trinity Province Karnataka, Fr Dolphy Pais. Sixteen friars of the Delegation participated in the seminar keeping aside all their mission service in the respective centres.

The crucial aspects that were dealt in the seminar are Historical background, Impact and the relevance of the Rule of St. Francis of Assisi widely known as Regula Bullata, 1223. The resource person Rev. Br. Dolphy Pais explored how the Rule of 1223 continues to influence the lives of Franciscan friars and others highlighting its transformative power and ability to guide individuals in their spiritual journeys. Participants also reflected on how its principles can be applied in contemporary society to address issues such as poverty, minority, responsible use of money, social justice and environmental concerns.

The participants engaged themselves in group discussions concerning 'to what extent the present-day life style of Franciscans' is close to the Rule of 1223 allowing participants to share their insights, personal experiences, and interpretations of the Rule. This interactive session sparked thoughtful conversations, challenging traditional perspectives and encouraging participants to consider new applications of St. Francis' teachings. Taking a closer look at the life of Pope Francis who radiates the ideals of St. Francis in his writings and in his life style, the participants have realised that creative fidelity to the Rule, Regula Bullata of 1223 is possible in our day today lives no matter what where we serve.

This seminar was an occasion for the participants to develop the profound understanding of the Ratio Formationis, a document par excellence which facilitates our ongoing formation. The participants were enlightened concerning the richness of this document as it includes the extracts from the holy scriptures, documents of Vatican II, Magisterial Documents of the Catholic Church, The Writings of St. Francis, The Hagiography of St. Francis, Franciscan thinkers and documents of the Capuchin order. The resource person clarified the queries of the participants concerning the objective, historical background, structure, style, methodology and keys to interpret the text.

The 3 significant chapters of the document namely Francis Our Brother, the dimensions of formation from Capuchin Franciscan perspective and the stages of formation in the Capuchin Franciscan perspective made every one realise the importance of this document in its detail.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Fr. Dolphy Pais O.F.M Cap. for his availability and for his painstaking efforts in imparting us the rich knowledge of the above-mentioned documents.
By Bros Anil Kumar and Stephen Dsouza

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