Feast of St. Francis of Assisi - 4th October 2021
The Solemnity of our founder and patron St. Francis of Assisi was celebrated at Darshan Institute of Theology on 4th of October 2021. We were joined by our own Capuchin friars from various communities, Franciscan and the other neighbouring religious communities, benefactors and some of our parishioners. The festal Mass was officiated by Fr. Richard Britto, the Rector of St. Peter’s Pontifical Seminary who also preached a thoughtful homily admitting the virtues of St. Francis, especially that of his relationship and closeness to God as Father and the entire universe as brothers and sisters. The melodious Choir by the brothers ably guided by the Rector, Fr. Salvador Fernandes, enhanced the joy of the Eucharistic celebration. The Rector welcomed and thanked the all the guests gathered. Thereafter we gathered in the refectory to share the joy of festal celebration by wishing each other followed by the fraternal meal.

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