"The world being unworthy to receive the son of God directly from the hands of the Father, he gave his son to Mary for the world to receive him from her." These words of Saint Augustine puts us in a right spirit to always appreciate the contribution of our heavenly mother, Blessed Virgin Mary, in the history of salvation and celebrate her love for all mankind. The Saccidananda, Capuchin Provincialate community along with its extended family, the faithful who participate in the Sunday Eucharist gathered on September 8 to celebrate Monthi Fest, the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary in a meaningful and traditional way. Before the solemn Eucharist, the faithful gathered before the grotto of Mother Mary to bless the corns, a symbol of new fruits from our mother earth and venerated Mother Mary by floral showers before the statue of Maria Bambina followed by taking a procession to the Chapel.

Rev. Fr John Alwyn Dias, Provincial Minister of Holy Trinity Capuchin Province celebrated the Eucharist, Fr Vijesh Menezes preached a befitting homily inviting every loving children of the Mother Mary to seek the blessings of God and His Son our Lord Jesus Christ through the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary. She is a greatest God has given to humanity, who always is with us and accompanies us. It is a great joy for all of us to celebrate the birthday of our heavenly Mother. In loving our Mother Mary, we are also called to respect and pray for every girl child and our Mother earth, who enliven and enrich our lives on earth. After the Holy Mass the blessed corn and sugarcane was distributed to the gathered faithful as the beautiful custom is celebrated by the faithful from the past.

In the evening every family who joins the community at Saccidananda for their spiritual needs and especially participate in the Holy Eucharist, gathered to celebrate the familial bond by spreading a Family Meal collectively. Each family contributed by cooking a dish in their homes and bringing it and sharing it with others. The Community of Saccidananda thanked everyone for their family spirit, generosity of heart and cooperation. The Monthi fest, the Birthday of Mother Mary was celebrated in a beautiful way. May the birth of our Mother Mary bring joy into our lives. May Mother Mary keep all of us under her Mantle and protect us all.

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